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Recently I have become obsessed with Smallville fan fiction, and interested in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Harry Potter fan fiction. I am going to try my hand at writing some fan fiction of my own and provide links to stories I have enjoyed, as well as recs of fics in general. I will be organizing by fandom for easy of finding.

Suggestions - The fiction that is listed under suggestions are some of my favorites, and ones that I think are must read.

Theme - The fiction that is listed and sorted by theme and may or may not be ones that I liked, but is to be a resource for other to find fics with themes they are looking for.

Resources - Will include resources to help others find additional fan fiction, and links to sites that are useful to reference when writing.

My Writing - Well this is self-explanatory, my fandom writing (though at the moment there is very little).

My Fanart - Banners and icons that I have made

I know that I am not the master of Fandom and would love suggestions. To make a suggestion fill out the form

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